The Purge: Election Year

When I saw that the third installment of the Purge franchise was out I had to see it. In for a penny in for a pound as they say. Produced by Michael Bay  the action scenes kept you on the edge of your seat and the fight scenes were riveting. This movie was made by and for those who can’t sit still. Further, this film brings back the white/black buddy film with a little brown thrown in the mix, at a time when this nation desperately needs it.

I was disappointed with the a couple of the stereotypes, mainly the Italian who’s good with knives and carries a lot of them (cause that’s the best way to fight racist violence, get an Italian that’s good with knives), and the lecherous old black man. The former thug with a heart of gold is a draw.

One plus is the sacrifial lambs in each movie. A white guy, another white guy (though I believe the actor is Latino) and two black guys. Both races get a chance to show their grief, at the loss of a comrade. Although for once I’d like to see a movie where a multiracial crew all gets out alive.

Another peculiarity is a scene where the homeless are fed discount sugary snacks. These will purge more people than any bullet or knife. Then there is the argument that the insurance companies can make money on premiums and that the rich don’t want to support the poor. What insurance company wants to tangle with the bankers who own all the property that stands to get damaged. And as for the poor, someone has to build all the subsidized housing they will live in.

Still, this trilogy has proven to be an interesting study in the viciousness and savageness that are a part of human nature as well as compassion and strengthens the argument that societies must bend before they break.






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